We are not a substitute for a comprehensive dental care office.

All patients are strongly recommended to visit their comprehensive dental care office for comprehensive treatments and cleanings.


●      Root Canal Therapy

●      Alveoloplasty

●      Palliative Care (temporary pain relief)

●      Re-evaluation Post-op

●      Provisional Splinting

●      And More!

●      Problem Focused Exam ($40)

●      X-Ray (PA or BW) ($25)

●      Recement Crown ($75)

●      Simple Extraction ($135)

●      Complex Extraction ($185-$285)

●      Repair Chipped/Broken Tooth

●      Denture Adjustment

Please call if you need a price quote or want to know about services not listed above. A Multiple Tooth Discount will be applied where applicable.

Impacted extractions are most often associated with wisdom teeth and will be referred to an oral surgeon.

Note: We do not participate in any insurance plans. However, we do fill out insurance claim forms for you to submit to your dental insurance provider.


Urgent Dentistry:

Emergency or Urgent Dentistry is for those who are in need of immediate relief from dental pain or discomfort.

We are not a substitute for an emergency room. However, some emergencies may require our care.

We will always do our best to see you as quickly as possible.